Return and Refund Policy


As a customer, we understand the expectations you have when you purchase something online. We work hard to match and exceed these expectations; however sometimes things can go awry.

In the unlikely chance that you face an error with your purchase, or are unsatisfied for any reason, you can contact us at any time and we will help you solve the issue: Contact Us.

As much as we’d like, we cannot have a “no questions asked” refund policy on the website, as all material purchased from our website is free from any kind of file restrictions or DRM.

To protect ourselves from fraudulent purchases, all refund requests are decided case-by-case, and we ask our customers to reach out to us so we can solve any issues they’re facing, or provide them with a refund.

We value our customers and their experience greatly and maintain quick response times with an average of 6~8 hours. We use the above refund policy to protect ourselves, but never let it prevent us from providing stellar customer support.

We can only entertain refund requests filed within 5 days of purchase. After 5 days, we’d still be more than happy to help should you require assistance, but cannot offer a refund.


As mentioned above, all purchases made on SvgShopArt are digital in nature and a “returns” policy does not apply.


As mentioned above, all purchases made on SvgShopArt are digital in nature. Cancellations are considered refunds, and are subject to our “refund” policy.